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COMMUNICATION: 64% of employers said that new graduates possess average or below-average communication skills (compared to 45% who said the same of experienced workers.

The Framework for 21st Century Learning research indicates that workplace readiness gaps are prevalent in today's employees. Whether coming directly from high school, community college or a university, employees with gaps in the 4C's of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking are creating unique challenges for today's employers.

CREATIVITY: 81% of senior executives identified creativity as “very important” for four-year college graduates, yet only 21% of respondents rated these candidates as having “excellent” creativity and innovation skills.
COLLABORATION: 94% of companies surveyed identified the ability to work in teams as either “very important” or “absolutely essential”. Companies surveyed feel that 37% of new graduates were well prepared to work in teams.

Educational institutions are recognizing and adjusting learning environments to close these essential skill gaps.

Employers have also responded to recommendations to influence educational outcomes through partnerships with higher education, as members of advisory boards, and by sponsoring apprenticeship or internship programs. 


However, developing the needed skills training, while providing professional development in context of their workplace while running a profitable business poses unique challenges.... especially for small to mid-sized employers.

CRITICAL THINKING: 81% of companies surveyed placed a strong emphasis on the ability to think critically.




Time away from their core business is risky, especially if the time away isn't guaranteed to return value to the business. Lack of resources often results in employees attending offsite soft skills training or being matched with a mentor in hopes that they too will make a difference.

21Skills provides targeted, skill-based training at the moment of need.